18th Oct 2017

BSAC Interview with Patrick McKenna, Founder, Ingenious

On the evening of Wednesday, 18 October, Patrick McKenna (Founder, Ingenious) was interviewed by longstanding BSAC Member Cameron McCracken (Managing Director, Pathe UK).



The topics covered by Patrick McKenna included:

  • an overview of his early career, and the skills that he had found most useful when first going into business for himself;
  • the evolution of the creative business model and the nature of available opportunities, but also some of the challenges that he had found ways of overcoming;
  • his thoughts on why previous creative business models had struggled and the ways in which his approach had differed from these;
  • the importance of focussing upon the fundamentals and understanding the creative process;
  • the effects that Government support interventions had had upon the industry, and the strengths and weaknesses that different forms of intervention had had in achieving desired outcomes; and
  • the impact that changes to EIS/SEIS and Brexit would have upon the creative industries.

Copies of the speakers’ biographies can be downloaded here.

This event was sponsored by RBS.

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