About Us

Who are we?

British Screen Forum is where the best informed and most influential people in the UK screen sectors convene to interrogate issues of importance and influence policy and the thinking around policy.

The Forum provides a unique and trusted space for key players from the screen sectors to come together to debate the implications of the evolving landscape and the policy and regulatory environment, and to gain unrivalled insight into emerging themes and innovative technologies.

British Screen Forum has authority and impact – not only as a result of the influence, status and credibility of its members, the unrivalled quality of its insight and the high level access it provides to decision-makers, but also because it values and includes individuals, organisations and bodies who seek to frame the debate for the future of the UK screen sectors.

Why join?

Unlike other Trade Bodies and Membership Organisations with specific sectoral interest or remit, British Screen Forum reflects the full and evolving scope of the UK screen sectors.

No other membership organisation goes beyond matters of policy to offer unrivalled insight into the current and emerging landscape alongside exclusive access to the innovators and decision-makers in a unique and trusted space in order to arrive at broad cross-sectoral perspectives and have tangible impact on the issues that really count.

What do we offer?

British Screen Forum Members work together on issues relating to policy and benefit from a full programme of events of relevance across the screen sectors:

Policy Roundtables and Exclusive Access Events
Providing a unique forum for senior executives and specialists from diverse sectors to exchange ideas and information privately.

Insight Events
Regular events provide members with unrivalled insight into emerging issues across the screen industries and exclusive access to the key players.

Working Groups
As needed, working groups enable members to contribute to the development of British Screen Forum policy positions, including in relation to consultations from Government and regulatory authorities.

Business Seminars and Interviews
Members can invite guests to join them at events focussing on specific issues or to hear the perspectives of key players first hand and un-edited.

Annual Conference
Members can also invite guests to join them at the Annual Conference – which is recognised as a leading public event for the UK screen industries – where key players share insights, discuss topical industry issues and network with fellow senior executives in the sector.

Future Leaders
Members can nominate rising talent from their own organisations to join with fellow industry leaders of tomorrow and participate in sessions which expand their understanding of issues across the screen industries and help them to grow their own professional networks.

Exclusive research and reports on topics of interest to the membership are a further source of insight.

Access to selected events and publications may also be made available to other stakeholders involved in the development of policy and across the screen industries.

“Membership provides so many unique opportunities to understand and influence the policy debate, and to gain insight from right across the screen sectors. Being part of such a carefully curated group and being able to exchange views in a trusted space is extremely valuable.”

Andrew Hall
Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs, NBCUniversal International. Member since 2008.

Our members

We curate an invitation-only membership of around 100 senior executives from screen sector businesses and organisations operating in the UK. We aim to cover the whole value chain as well as the full range of means of distribution, so include members who can speak for writers, technicians, independent producers, directors, distributors, exhibitors, broadcasters, games publishers, games developers, pay TV platforms and online platforms. Members are drawn from organisations of varying scale – from the largest global companies to small independents – who all have an interest in the future of the UK screen sectors. We also run an Associate Member scheme for companies providing services to the media companies from which our membership is drawn. It’s a unique cross-sectoral mix, with a balance of creative, policy and business specialists.


Tom Abell
Peccadillo Pictures

Rose Adkins Hulse
Founder & CEO
ScreenHits TV

Naysun Alae-Carew
Executive Director
Blazing Griffin

Ken Anderson
Director of Exploration & Discovery
Wild Child Animation

Geraldine Atlee
Head of Legal & Business Affairs
BBC Films

Chris Auty
London Film School

Liz Bales
Chief Executive

Kate Beal Blyth
Chief Executive
Woodcut Media

Chris Bird
Managing Director
Prime Video UK

Associate Members

Ed Lamberti
Policy Manager

Harbottle & Lewis
Charles Leveque

Lea & Thompson
Reno Antoniades

Lewis Silkin
Cliff Fluet

Nyman Libson Paul
Dave Morrison

Reed Smith LLP
Gregor Pryor

Saffrey LLP
Stephen Bristow

Screen Projex
Doug Abbott

Jonathan Blair

It’s an influential organisation with strong voice across the different sectors of our industry and I’ve found the meetings stimulating and fun.

Rebecca O’Brien
Producer, Sixteen Films
Member since 2012


Jon Gisby

Isabel Davis
Deputy Chair

David Fares
Board Member

Paul Oldfield
Board Member

Andy Tomlinson
Board Member

Alison Warner
Board Member

Peter Johnson
Chief Executive

Michael Deeley
Honorary President

Our Team

Peter Johnson
Chief Executive

Kerry Kent
Head of Policy

Craig Connell
Head of Events & Stakeholder Engagement

William Sayers
Research & Reports Manager

Ben Keen

Bertrand Moullier

Jonathan Simon

Guido Westkamp