15th Jul 2022

UK Screen Sectors: A Prospectus for Growth in an Age of Change

This report sets out a prospectus for further growth in the Screen Sectors, which are increasingly being recognised as an economic powerhouse for the UK. In the context of the significant changes in the marketplace and in the political landscape over the last five years, the report re-visits and updates earlier work from British Screen Forum (in 2017-18) when we responded to the Government’s then-industrial strategy and the proposed Sector Deal for the Creative Industries. The report makes the case that the Screen Sectors merit active Government support, as key drivers of growth and renewal across the UK, whilst also providing cultural value and projecting soft power around the world.


29th Jun 2022

British Screen Forum Conference 2022 Delegate Pack

British Screen Forum Conference 2022 Delegate Pack including full agenda with timings, speaker biographies, and a list of registered delegates


23rd Jun 2022

British Screen Forum Conference 2022 Agenda

Agenda for British Screen Forum Conference 2022: Extraordinary Times Reshaping the Screen Sectors sponsored by Warner Bros. Discovery


16th Jun 2022

British Screen Forum Response to the Treasury Committee

British Screen Forum submitted a response to the Treasury Committee on the venture capital market


31st May 2022

May 2022 Insight Report

Sessions: Stephanie Hare (Author) discussed her new book Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics and how to create and use tools and technologies to maximize benefits and minimize harms; Anna Home OBE (Chair, CMF) provided an update on the Children’s Media Foundation’s outlook on the future of Children’s Media in the UK and what the potential sale of Channel 4 might mean for the corporation’s obligations regarding older children; Dave Morrison (Partner, Nyman Libson Paul) on the implications for EIS of a recent decision from a first tier tribunal; Alex Pumfrey (Chief Executive Officer, Film + TV Charity) discussed the findings from the second Looking Glass report and mental health in the film and TV sectors; and Damon Krukowski (UMAW) presented a ‘canary in the coalmine’ view on the issue of streaming royalties, how it is currently impacting the music industry, and what lessons the screen sectors can learn from the music industry.

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31st Mar 2022

March 2022 Insight Report

Sessions: Joey Fisher (Associate, Oliver & Ohlbaum) on the consumption habits of Gen Z and what this might mean for Public Service Media; Paul Fleming (General Secretary, Equity) on current union priorities and the deep structural changes that have transformed, and will continue to transform, the creative industries in general and the screen sectors in particular; Claudia Chwalisz (Innovative Citizen Participation Lead, Open Government Unit, OECD) on new research in the area of deliberative citizen participation practices and analysis of the new forms of deliberative, collaborative, and participatory decision making that are evolving across the globe; and James Barford (Head of Telecoms Research, Enders Analysis) on net neutrality rules, which are currently under review in the UK, and the recent policy debates surrounding net neutrality rules

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