14th Nov 2023

British Screen Forum Response to CMS Committee Inquiry on British Film and High-End Television

British Screen Forum submitted a response to the Culture, Media & Sport Committee inquiry on British Film and High-End Television on 5 October 2023.


1st Nov 2023

British Screen Forum Response to Lords Communications & Digital Committee Inquiry on Large Language Models (LLMs)

British Screen Forum submitted a response to the Lords Communications & Digital Committee Inquiry on Large Language Models on 19 September 2023.


26th Oct 2023

September 2023 Insight Report

Sessions: Sir Peter Bazalgette (Industry Co-Chair, Creative Industries Council) on the Creative Sectors Industry Vision; Alison Lomax (MD, UK & Ireland, YouTube) and Iain Bundred (Head of Public Policy, UK & Ireland, YouTube) on YouTube’s Creator Impact Report. This Insight Event also included a special session on International Perspectives on AI & Copyright featuring Andrea Appella (Visiting Professor, King’s College London and Advisor to Italian Ministry of Culture), Benjamin Brake (Head of Division, Digital and Datapolicy, Ministry for Digital and Transport, Federal Government of Germany), Stephen Saltzman (Partner, Fieldfisher), and Tim Johnson (Partner, Fieldfisher) as speakers.

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5th Jul 2023

June 2023 Insight Report

Sessions: Richard Broughton (Executive Director & Co-Founder, Ampere Analysis) presented Ampere Analysis reporting on the recent downturn in US commissioning, what kinds of content have been cut, how producers are being affected and when audiences are likely to suffer from a significant reduction in choice; Gregor Pryor (Partner, Reed Smith) provided a broad overview of current US Supreme Court cases Gonzalez v Google and Twitter v Taamneh, as well as the recently signed legislation in Montana that bans TikTok from operating within the state, and how these may contrast with the current European regulatory landscape; Ade Shannon (CEO, Dragonfly) presented the work of Dragonfly and how they are providing content producers the insights they need to give audiences what they want using deep-powered AI; and Daniela Molluso (SVP, Head of Legal, Corporate Transactions, Fremantle) and Scott Henderson (Director of M&A, Fremantle) discussed Fremantle’s recent growth and M&A strategy.

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5th Jun 2023

May 2023 Insight Report

Sessions: immersive specialists Darkfield (Victoria Eyton, Creative Producer and Creative Director, and Glen Neath, Artistic Director), who demonstrated and explored the creative and commercial opportunities of immersive audio experiences; Sophie Marment (Head of Online Advertising Programme, DCMS), who provided an update on online advertising policy in a follow up to a previous British Screen Forum Exclusive Access Policy Roundtable on the subject with Sophie’s job-share colleague Ruth Wye;  Adam Williams (Chief Executive Officer, Intellectual Property Office) on the work the IPO is doing to take forward the recommendations of the recent Vallance Report and, in particular, to develop a code of practice which will provide guidance to support AI firms to access copyrighted work as an input to their models; and a major session on impartiality in news, chaired by Ben de Pear (former Editor, Channel 4 News 2012 – 2022/now Founder, Basement Films) who lead a conversation with Ben Nunn (former Executive Director of Communications, Labour Party 2020 – 2021/now Senior Counsel, Lexington Communications) and Chris Banatvala (former Director of Standards, Ofcom 2003 – 2011/now Director, Bear Consultancy).

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15th May 2023

Members Briefing: Copyright Update May 2023

British Screen Forum has published a confidential briefing on copyright as part of an occasional series. It aims to inform, but does not constitute legal advice. Anyone intending to take action in relation to the issues discussed should consult a lawyer. Among other topics, this briefing explores how notions based on freedom of art, and specifically around the concept of ‘pastiche’, have the potential to significantly disrupt the current copyright system, with implications for all creative businesses based on the ownership of intellectual property.

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