4th Feb 2020

British Screen Forum is hiring

We are recruiting for a new post: Events & Research Executive…

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17th Oct 2019

Local Heroes and Inbetweeners: The Contribution of the Independent British Feature Film Sector to the UK Audiovisual Production Industry

Original research published today by the British Screen Advisory Council provides ground-breaking evidence of the role played by Independent British…

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24th Sep 2019

Andy Leyshon, Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association

Andy Leyshon (Chief Executive, Film Distributors’ Association) has joined BSAC as a new…

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17th Sep 2019

BSAC Business Briefing: UK TV Drama Outlook

BSAC has published a Business Briefing, ‘UK TV Drama Outlook’. This paper was prepared for BSAC by Ben Keen and was…

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27th Aug 2019

Alexis Kennedy, Co-Founder, Weather Factory

Alexis Kennedy (Co-Founder, Weather Factory) has joined BSAC as a new…

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1st Jul 2019

Benjamin King, Director, Public Policy – UK, Netflix

Benjamin King (Director, Public Policy – UK, Netflix) has joined BSAC as a new…

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