5th Sep 2012

September 2012 Council Meeting

5 September 2012.

BSAC held a Council Meeting on Wednesday, 5 September 2012, which was open to the BSAC Membership and invited guests.

Items on the agenda included:

– Richard Halton, CEO, YouView, speaking on the launch of YouView and providing a demonstration of its technology

– Tim Plyming, BBC Project Executive, Digital & Editor Live Sites, Peter Bury, Director of Spectrum Policy, Ofcom and Mike Kelt, CEO, Artem, speaking about the delivery of a successful Olympics, and the lessons that might be drawn from this in understanding consumer behaviour

– Michael Ridley, Partner, DLA Piper, and Chair of the BSAC Working Group on Creative Sector Tax Reliefs, and Fiona Clarke-Hackston, Chief Executive, BSAC, reported on the BSAC Response to the Treasury Consultation on Creative Sector Tax Reliefs. This response was produced by a BSAC Working Group, and was submitted to Treasury on 5 September 2012. A copy of this response can be downloaded here.

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