22nd Sep 2014

Michael Deeley appointed Honorary President, BSAC

Michael Deeley has been appointed Honorary President of BSAC, taking over from Lord Attenborough, who held the post between 1996 and 2014.

One of most Britain’s most successful film producers, Michael Deeley has made numerous iconic films, most notably The Italian JobThe Deer Hunter and Blade Runner. In total, his work has won six Oscars, the Palme D’or and a host of ancillary awards.

Michael Deeley was appointed by Prime Minister Harold Wilson to serve on BSAC’s predecessor organisation, the Interim Action Committee on Film. He became a Deputy Chairman in 1985.

Since that time, BSAC has evolved to embrace all aspects of the audiovisual industries, from high end digital companies, such as Google, Spotify and Twitch, to traditional media businesses, such as broadcasters and film and TV producers. Michael Deeley has been a prime mover in overseeing the development of BSAC’s work in policy and business, and plays an active role in its work.

Adam Singer, Chairman, BSAC, said

“Michael Deeley is a British talent who is so much more than British, having made films in the UK and the US, his productions have been major threads in film culture, but the great thing about Michael is that he is so much more than past productions as he brings a fresh perspective, to all that he touches, and BSAC is proud and fortunate that he will be our new President.”

Michael Deeley, Honorary President, BSAC, said

“I am delighted to become Honorary President of the British Screen Advisory Council, which has been an important part of my life for nearly 40 years. The scope of the Council’s media involvement expands every year as new technologies emerge, so this is a very exciting time for BSAC.”

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