21st Mar 2024

March 2024 Insight Event

At our Insight Event on 21 March 2024, Members had the opportunity to hear presentations from David Austin (Chief Executive, BBFC) and Chris Davies (Compliance Manager, BBFC) on BBFC research underpinning the new classification guidelines, which are due to come into effect in early May; Amelia Knott (Lead Researcher, TV Industry Humans Rights Forum) on research on preventing human rights abuses of ancillary workers in film and television productions, in an update to research originally presented to Members in October 2021; and Svana Gisla (Producer, ABBA Voyage) on the unique ABBA Voyage concert experience and the challenges of creating the experience, the lessons learned, and her thoughts on the future of this kind of event. This Insight Event also featured a major session on the development of the screen sectors in the North East, featuring Peter McIntyre (Executive Director of City Development, Sunderland City Council), Alison Gwynn (Chief Executive, North East Screen), Leo Pearlman (Co–Founder and Managing Partner, Fulwell 73), and Chester King (Founder and Chief Executive, British Esports Association).

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