21st Mar 2023

March 2023 Insight Event

At our Insight Event on 21 March 2023, Members had the opportunity to hear presentations from Ed Richards (Managing Partner, Flint Global) on the prospects for regulatory divergence between the UK and other territories, the role of screen sectors in the growth strategies of this or the next government, and the extent to which future policy and regulatory interventions are focused on ensuring markets remain competitive; Jen Smith (Interim CEO, Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority) on the establishment of the Creative Industries Independent Standards Authority as a visible and independent resource that will have the ability to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, bullying or harassment and bring greater accountability to sector; Tom McNeill (Senior Partner Manager, Patreon) on findings from Patreon’s Creator Census, including the dominance of video as the most used medium amongst Patreon creators and how the company sees this trend developing; and Mia Bays (Film Fund Director, BFI) & Rishi Coupland (Head of Research and Insight, BFI) on the findings from Alma Economic Review of Independent Film and its implications for the BFI Film Fund.

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