7th Jun 2017

June 2017 Council Meeting

Items on the agenda at the June Council Meeting included:

  • Focus on a New Business: Moviefication: with Sophie Burger and Fabian Eck (Co-Founders, Extended Cinema);
  • The State of the Independent Film Sector: presentations and discussions with Rebecca O’Brien (Producer, Sixteen Films and Chair, PACT Film Policy Group) and Leon Forde (Associate Director, Olsberg SPI);
  • Readly – One Year On: updates from Ranj Begley (Managing Director, Readly) and Lydia Esler (Founder, Studio90 Media);
  • Understanding the Audience: presentations followed by discussion with:
    • Fiona Blades (President and Chief Experience Officer, MESH);
    • Ory Vishkin (Director of Sales & Business Development, ViewersLogic);
    • Christopher Elkins (COO, MUSO); and
  • Updates on the latest developments around BSAC’s engagement with the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

Council Meetings are private events for BSAC Members.

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