4th May 2021

Insight Event May 2021

At our Insight Event on 4 May 2021, Members had the opportunity to hear presentations from Simon Pitts (Chief Executive, STV) on the strategy and future plans of STV, including establishing STV as Scotland’s home of news and entertainment by maximising the value of their broadcast business through delivering high quality, cost-effective news and entertainment, driving digital growth through the STV Player, and building STV Studios into a world-class production company; Roberto Olla (Executive Director, Eurimages) on the recently adopted changes to Eurimages designed to bring about quicker, fairer funding decisions, to deliver greater expertise and efficiency in decision-making processes, and to establish an executive committee to take rapid decisions on day-to-day management and a board of management responsible for defining the fund’s policy and adopting operating rules; Councillor Darren Rodwell (Leader, Barking and Dagenham Council) on the recently announced Eastbrook Studios London, located in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and how it is an example of the screen sectors being used to help drive local economic recovery; and Simeon Thornton (Director, Competition and Markets Authority) on the design and implementation of the UK’s new pro-competition regime for digital markets following a consultation in 2020 and the introduction of the Digital Markets Unit.

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