13th Oct 2021

Exclusive Access Policy Roundtable on the new UK Subsidy Control Regime, with Carmen Suarez (Director, Subsidy Control and International Negotiations, BEIS)

On: Wednesday 13 October 2021 from 3.00pm – 4.30pm

At: Central London (W1) Location AND via Video Conference

For: British Screen Forum Members & Associate Members only

This private roundtable will provide an opportunity for Members to hear from Carmen Suarez about the emerging thinking at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) with regard to whether any specific subsidy control arrangements should be applied for the audiovisual sector, for example to reflect different international arrangements, and whether streamlined routes may be appropriate for this sector. The event provides an early opportunity for Members to understand and influence government thinking in an area of great significance for the screen sectors.


In March, British Screen Forum submitted a response to the BEIS consultation on a new UK Subsidy Control regime to replace EU “state aid” rules. The response specifically asked whether audiovisual subidies should be included within the new regime, as they were excluded from the Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU. The British Screen Forum response expressed support for audiovisual subsidies being subject to the domestic regime, but made clear that that support depended on (i) the regime being principles-based, (ii) the interpretation of those principles not developing in a way that threatens existing support for the sector and (iii) the introduction of any sector or category-specific provisions that may affect the screen sectors not taking place without meaningful consultation with those sectors and not having a negative impact on them.

On 30 June, BEIS published its Consultation Response alongside a Subsidy Control Bill (both available here). The BEIS Response states:

“Audio-visual subsidies will be included within the scope of the new domestic regime. This approach balances the need to ensure consistency across sectors whilst retaining the flexibility to develop specific interventions appropriate to this sector. As part of this, consideration is being given to whether any specific arrangements should be applied for this sector, for example to reflect different international arrangements. The government will consider whether streamlined routes may be appropriate for this sector.” 

The roundtable now taking place on 13 October forms part of the ‘meaningful consultation’ we sought in the event that government was considering introducing screen sector specific provisions as part of the new subsidy control regime for the UK.

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