9th Jan 2018

BSAC are Supporters of ALCS’s 2017 Film the House competition

BSAC are Supporters of ALCS’s 2017 Film the House competition.

As such, ALCS are delighted to extend an invitation to BSAC Members or their guests to attend the winners’ award ceremony, which will take place on the early evening Tuesday, 6 February, at the House of Commons.

Film the House is a parliamentary-based film and scriptwriting competition for student and independent filmmakers based in the UK.  It is run by MPs alongside industry sponsors to help find the filmmakers of the future, but the competition also strives to raise awareness of the importance of protecting intellectual property (IP) rights among creators, legislators and the general public.

This occasion provides a fantastic opportunity to not only celebrate the unique talents of the UK creative industries, but also to talk to legislators about the importance of a good IP infrastructure and how they can support the creative industries in the UK.

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