15th Mar 2017

BSAC to respond to IPO Call For Views On Illicit IPTV Streaming Devices

BSAC notes that the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has recently issued a call for evidence on illicit IPTV streaming devices (often known as ‘Android boxes’ or ‘Kodi devices’). This consultation has noted that:

“The use of Internet Protocol television (IPTV) boxes to access illegal content appears to have increased in recent months. A range of legislation applies to both the sale and use of these devices, but broadcasters and content owners have expressed concerns. They believe that the legal framework does not provide the right tools to tackle the growing threat. The government is keen to understand where further action might be necessary to address this problem. The IPO is therefore seeking views from those with knowledge and experience in dealing with IPTV boxes.”

Given the concerns expressed by a number of BSAC Members regarding the very significant threat posed by the rapid increase in use of illicit IPTV streaming devices over recent months, BSAC will be consulting Members over whether and how to respond to this consultation.

Further details about this consultation can be found on the IPO’s website, here.

Separately, BSAC will be looking at issues around illicit IPTV streaming devices at the Council Meeting on 30 March, which will feature a live demo and presentations from Liz Bales (‎Chief Executive, Industry Trust for IP Awareness) on the latest research into the use of such devices; Ian Moss (Director, Public Affairs, BPI), talking about the ‘Get It Right…’ campaign and presenting the latest evidence of its effectiveness; and Barrister Ari Alibhai, an expert in the field of intellectual property fraud who specialises in private prosecution in criminal intellectual property infringement.

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