18th Sep 2013

September 2013 Council Meeting

18 September 2013

At the BSAC Council Meeting on 18 September 2013, Members had the opportunity to try Google Glass.

130918 Marc Samuelson 130918 Ajay Chowdhury 2 130918 Tony Ageh 130918 Robin Baker

From left to right: BSAC Deputy Chairmen Ajay Chowdhury and Marc Samuelson; Tony Ageh, Controller, Archive Development, BBC; and BSAC Member Professor Robin Baker OBE

The agenda covered:

– EU Green Paper: Preparing for a fully Converged Audiovisual World – Kip Meek. A copy of BSAC’s response can be downloaded here

– European telecoms regulation – Kip Meek

– Perspectives on Plurality – Theo Bertram, Google; Magnus Brooke, ITV; James Heath, BBC

– Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business – Mark Selby, University of Surrey

– Issues for film distribution – Mark Batey, Film Distributors Association

– Progress and development of the Copyright Hub – Richard Hooper CBE, Chairman, Copyright Hub

This was a private meeting for the BSAC Membership and invited guests.

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