30th Nov 2022

Policy Roundtable on Audiovisual Tax Reliefs

On 30 November 2022, British Screen Forum Members met to discuss a potential response to the Treasury consultation announced on 17 November 2022 on changes affecting the five tax reliefs schemes for film, HETV, video games, animation and children’s TV. This workstream will be chaired by Tim Johnson (Partner, Fieldfisher) with Jonathan Simon acting as rapporteur. The aim of this meeting will be to identify the specific proposals on which a consensus among British Screen Forum members might be found, the key arguments to be deployed and whether there are related points that we should be making (eg in relation to an enhanced rate for UK films in a particular budget range). Following this meeting, our intention is to circulate a skeleton outline for comment by members before proceeding to a first full draft.

Full details of the consultation are available here:

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