30th Nov 2017

November 2017 Council Meeting

Items on the agenda at the November Council Meeting included:

  • A briefing from Joseph Spencer (Policy Adviser, Enterprise Investment, Enterprise and Property Tax, HM Treasury) about the Treasury response to the Patient Capital Review, with a particular focus upon the Implication for EIS/SEIS for film and TV productions;
  • Building Britain’s Digital Future: presentations followed by participative discussion on the themes:
    • Incubators and Accelerators, with Timothy Barnes (Founder, The Rain Gods); and
    • Digital Startups, from Sarah Drinkwater (Head of Campus London, Google for Entrepreneurs);
  • IBC 2017: ‘What Caught My Eye’: Best of Social Media Production, comments from Muki Kulhan (Executive Digital Producer, Muki-International);
  • Briefing on GDPR and its implications for advertising, from Martijn Verbree (Partner, KPMG);
  • Focus on Kid’s Content and Services, presentations and thoughts from:
    • Greg Childs (Director, Children’s Media Foundation);
    • Jon Mason (CEO, Jollywise); and
    • Emma Scott (CEO, Beano Studios); and
  • Updates on BSAC’s engagement with the latest policy developments for the sector, including:
    • The BFI ‘s Independent Film Commission.

Council Meetings are private events for BSAC Members.

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