28th Nov 2012

November 2012 Council Meeting

28 November 2012.

BSAC held a Council Meeting on Wednesday, 28 November 2012, which was open to the BSAC Membership and invited guests.

Items on the agenda included:

– An update on BSAC’s Response to the Consultation on the Cultural Tests for high end TV, animation and video games, which was submitted to DCMS on 29 October 2012. A Copy of this response can be downloaded here

– Lesley Cowley, CEO, Nominet, speaking about her organisation and issues affecting the wider internet sector

– Ken Keen, Chief Analyst, IHS Screen Digest, presenting a market status update on the Games Market, which had been commissioned by BSAC. A BSAC business briefing was published to accompany this, a copy of which can be downloaded here

– David Mahoney, Director of Content Policy, Ofcom, speaking about the challenges faced by Ofcom as part of a regular item enabling Members to provide a personal view of issues of importance

– Phil Stokes, Senior Partner – Entertainment & Media, PwC, presenting an Outlook Report on the AV sector.

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