2nd May 2018

May 2018 Council Meeting

Items on the agenda at the May Council Meeting included:

  • Running a successful UK PSB within a global media giant, from James Currell (President, Viacom International Media Networks, UK, Northern and Eastern Europe);
  • Building a bedroom hobby into a global platform, a private conversation with Col Needham (founder and MD of IMDB);
  • Delivering the BFI Future Film Skills project, presentation and discussion with Seetha Kumar (CEO, Creative Skillset);
  • Focus on a new business: The Truth Agency – using the blockchain to ‘clean up’ digital advertising, from Mary Keane-Dawson (Co-Founder & CEO, The Truth Agency);
  • App of the Month: Ghostery, from Jon Gisby (Chair, BSAC); and
  • Updates on the latest policy developments for the sector and BSAC’s engagement with them.

Council Meetings are private events for BSAC Members.

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