30th Mar 2017

March 2017 Council Meeting

Items on the agenda at the March Council Meeting included:

  • The latest responses to Piracy, presentations followed by discussion with:
    • Liz Bales (Chief Executive, Industry Trust for IP Awareness) – presenting the latest research on piracy and demonstrating the ease of piracy via a Kodi set top box;
    • Ian Moss (Director, Public Affairs, BPI), talking about the effectiveness of the ‘Get It Right’ campaign; and
    • Ari Alibhai (Barrister, QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers) speaking about private prosecutions in IP infringement.
  • Update on the latest developments around the Audiovisual Media Services Directive, from Jeremy Olivier (Head on Internet Policy, Ofcom)
  • Updates on the development of BSAC’s responses to: the IPO’s call for views on Illicit IPTV streaming devices; and to the Government’s Industrial Strategy Green Paper
  • Presentation of the BSAC’s Strategic Plan, laying out the future direction of the organisation, from Pete Johnson (Chief Executive, BSAC).


Council Meetings are private events for BSAC Members.

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