6th Jul 2017

July 2017 Council Meeting

Items on the agenda at the July Council Meeting included:

  • Innovation in Cinema Exhibition, presentations followed by discussion with:
    • Crispin Lilly (CEO, Everyman)
    • Alex Sheldon (Director of Cinema Operations, Curzon); and
    • Ian Cartwright (Co-CEO, Ourscreen);
  • Focus on a new business: CultureCues, with Victoria Thomas (Founder, CultureCues) and Guy Meyer (Non Executive Director, CultureCues);
  • Secondary Rights and the impact of recent regulatory changes, with Jane Hyndman (Group General Counsel, Compact Media Group) and Mark Rowland (Vice President & General Manager, Compact Media Group);
  • Private conversation with Damian Collins MP (ex-Chair, CMS Select Committee (2016-17)).
  • Updates on the latest developments around BSAC’s engagement with the Government’s Industrial Strategy.

Council Meetings are private events for BSAC Members.

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