24th Jan 2013

January 2013 Council Meeting

24 January 2013.

The 190th BSAC Meeting took place on Thursday, 24 January 2012. This was a private meeting for the BSAC Membership and invited guests.

Items on the agenda included:

– Lavinia Carey OBE, Director General, BVA; Helen Keefe, Senior Policy Advisor, BBC; and Bill Bush, Director of Communications and Public Policy, Premier League, responding to the Government’s recent response to consultation on copyright exceptions and the clarification of copyright law

– Ajay Chowdhury, Chief Executive, ComQi; Rick Murray, MD Retail, Accenture; and Mark Selby, providing perspectives on the Changing Nature of Retail

– Fiona Clarke-Hackston, Chief Executive, BSAC, reporting on BSAC’s participation in the Copyright Hub Steering Group

– Jeff Lynn, CEN, Seedrs, and Chairman, Coalition for the Digital Economy, speaking on the work of Seedrs, the crowd funding model and the regulatory environment

– John Newbigin, Chair, Creative England, speaking on Creative England’s development and current activities.

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