9th Mar 2022

Insight Event March 2022

At our Insight Event on 9 March 2022, Members had the opportunity to hear presentations from Joey Fisher (Associate, Oliver & Ohlbaum) on the consumption habits of Gen Z and what this might mean for Public Service Media; Paul Fleming (General Secretary, Equity) on current union priorities and the deep structural changes that have transformed, and will continue to transform, the creative industries in general and the screen sectors in particular; Claudia Chwalisz (Innovative Citizen Participation Lead, Open Government Unit, OECD) on new research in the area of deliberative citizen participation practices and analysis of the new forms of deliberative, collaborative, and participatory decision making that are evolving across the globe; and James Barford (Head of Telecoms Research, Enders Analysis) on net neutrality rules, which are currently under review in the UK, and the recent policy debates surrounding net neutrality rules.

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