25th Jan 2018

Immersive technology – A cross-sector exploration of current and future realities

BSAC has held a seminar, in partnership with Immerse UK, exploring the latest in uses of immersive technology and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.

A copy of the agenda can be downloaded, here.

The seminar explored such questions as: How is immersive tech being used to create new forms of storytelling, gaming and entertainment? How might this evolve? What legal, regulatory and ethical issues are engaged by immersive tech?  How are immersive techniques being used in retail, medical, interior design and pharma? What are the opportunities for cross-sector collaboration and learning?

Speakers included: Mike McGee (Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Framestore); Toby Coffey (Head of Digital Development, National Theatre); Dave Ranyard (Founder & CEO of Dream Reality Interactive); Zillah Watson (Commissioning Editor for Virtual Reality, BBC VR Hub);  Cliff Fluet (Partner, Lewis Silkin); Tim Fleming (Founder, Future Visual); Bernhard Spanlang (CTO, Virtual Bodyworks); Martin McDonnell (Founder and Chairman, Soluis Group); and Dave Sage (Software & Technology Development Strategist, C4X).

This event was hosted by Lewis Silkin LLP and was open to BSAC Members and an invited audience.

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