1st Feb 2024

Exclusive Access Policy Roundtable with Nusrat Ghani MP (Minister of State at the Department of Business and Trade)

On: Thursday February 1 2024 from 9.30am – 11.00am

At: Central London location (W1F) AND via Video Conference

For: British Screen Forum Members and Associate Members only

At June 2023’s productive roundtable with the Minister of State at the Department for Business & Trade, Nusrat Ghani MP agreed to hold a follow up roundtable meeting with Members at which she would update on the progress made on the recommendations we had discussed. These included reform of the Apprenticeship Levy, maintaining the current definition of European Works and the data adequacy position within the EU, increased funding for the Global Screen Fund and for Trade Fair access programmes, reviewing of the effect of EIS/SEIS changes on the screen sectors, expanding the definition of R&D in relation to R&D Expenditure Credits, enhancing film tax relief for UK projects of a particular scale, and addressing the very steep rise in rates on film and TV production studios. This second meeting will also offer Members a further chance to influence the Minister on possible policy outcomes which might be achieved for the sector before the next election.

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