18th Oct 2018

BSAC support Joint Position against proposed changes to EU Regulations on Lighting

BSAC has become a signatory to a Joint Position on the impact on stage lighting and film/TV production of the draft Commission Regulation on ecodesign requirements, repealing Regulation (EU) 1194/2012.

This relates to concerns over the proposed new set of EU regulations governing lighting that would, if passed as drafted, dramatically affect the equipment used for entertainment lighting (including tungsten, arc and LED fixtures), with very significant adverse effects on film and TV production across the EU.

Industry specialists have advised that products that are not covered by the draft exemptions and which would be capable of meeting the new standards are unlikely to be available for 8-10 years. There is clearly a very real danger that production projects will simply move outside the EU in the interim.

BSAC has discussed this with Members and raised industry concerns with Margot James MP (Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries) and with BEIS, who lead for the UK on the Regulation.

Additionally, various industry parties from across the film & TV production sector and the live entertainment sector, and from across a number of EU Member States, have been working together over recent weeks to agree a Joint Position on the revisions required to the Commission’s draft list of exemptions, and, following consultation with our Members, BSAC has added its name to the list of signatories.

A copy of the Joint Position can be downloaded here.




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